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A Fully Customized WordPress Hosting Platform

Uyond is a world-class WordPress solution.  It is one of the most reliable and affordable WordPress hostings you can find in the market.  This is not just a simple hosting that only takes care of the hardware.  We have done tons of optimization and performance tuning targeting the nature of WordPress.  Here you can get better performance, a more reliable platform, and a more secured, better-managed WordPress.



A fully optimized architecture to make your WordPress fast.


A WordPress switching to Uyond’s platform can reduce 40% load time on average.


With our built-in caching mechanism, reverse proxy architecture, and optimized configuration, our hardware is customized to run WordPress as fast as it can.


Uyond is Fully Built on Top of AWS.

It provides a highly flexible and stable infrastructure to our site.  Hareware and network will never become a problem to you.


Protected by Uyond

With active virus scan and virus recovery procedures, your WordPress is protected in Uyond.  Our team is experts in protecting WordPress from hackers.  We will also send you a regular vulnerability alert in advance.


In Uyond, you have full control on your WordPress update.  Updating your website is just a simple click.


Uyond’s platform has over 99.5% average uptime.  Our infrastructure is backed by AWS, and our support team is working 365/24/7 to ensure everything is running smooth.


Automatic regular backup comes with all our service plan.  You will have less worry about data loss.


Our support team is working 365/24/7 around the world to support you. We are working when you are working. You can use self-help documents to resolve your problems, or raise a service ticket to our support team anytime you need us.

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