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Our Story

We are a software company building various software.  One of the essential tool in our web development area is WordPress.  It all started with a problem: our sites were way too slow.

While we all loved the efficiency and flexibility WordPress is giving us, we can’t deny that this is a very open platform and there are just lots of things can go wrong.  We spent years to learn all those and bring WordPress into an optimal state, that includes the right way of caching, server configuration, network latency, plugin management, theme management, handling hooks, and take care of security.

Then we decided to do host our websites on our own.  We used AWS instances, and build the LAMP stack from CWP.  With serious configuration and tuning we had done, the result was astonishing!  You don’t have to pay a high price to get your WordPress running in optimial speed.  Now we are brining all these to the market.

We are a group of software engineers who have specialty in various area.  That includes Linux, web technologies, machine learning, and software development.

We are passion about software.  To build better software, we build a better world

Where Are We

Our Contact

United States

4546 El Camino Real B10,Los Altos, CA 94022


G5, 3015 Lake Drive, D24DKP4 Dublin (Dublin)

Hong Kong

Room 1906, Floor 19, Seapower Center,
73 Lei Muk Road, Kwai Chung, NT

UYOND's Mission

Our mission is to make help you to win your customer.  We start with hosting and we go beyond hosting.  UYOND is a platform to help you run your WordPress in a stable and mangable way.

UYOND's Vision

To lead the WordPress community to improve and make better web.  Together, we make WordPress a better place.

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