Filename Too Long for tar file format

Error Message:

[message:protected] => tar-based phar "/home/circlev/public_html/wp-content/uploads/1622441202-wp-content.tar" cannot be created, filename "uploads/2021/04/two-adorable-cheerful-asian-caucasian-young-female-friends-make-selfie-modern-cell-phone-enjoy-vacations-travel-abroad.png" is too long for tar file format


Uyond Migrator archives the wp-content folder to a tar file before the the content is transferred to the new site. There is a limitation that names longer than 100 characters is not supported in the tar standard.

This usually happens when you have a very long media file name.

See here for more details.


First, we don’t recommend using such long time for a file. There are few reasons:

  • This increase the size of your HTML payload. Result in hurting performance.
  • Such a long time does not help for SEO. You should have simple and neat keyword for each file
  • This may bring unexpected behavior to other process or plugins that that file name length limitation.

To fix it, you can install the Phoenix Media Rename plugin. It should be quite straight forward to do based on the instruction provided in the plugin page.

Once all long filenames are changed, you can try to run Uyond Migrator again.