Uyond hosting server is fully compatible with leading WordPress products like Divi. Our server is perfectly configured to unlock the best experience you can get.

We are going to explain the basic settings we have in general:

Update PHP version

PHP 7.3 is the default PHP version in Uyond.

There is just no reason for you to say in PHP 5.

256MB Memory Limit

Our member limit setting is 256MB, that’s even 2x more than what Divi recommended. 256MB would be sufficient to complete 99% of operation in WordPress.

64MB Upload Size

We have changed the upload size from default 2MB to 64MB. That gives you easier to upload plugins, themes, and media files.


Uyond is providing you a pre configured well setup hosting environment for your WordPress to thrive. With us, we are going to do all the tedious heavy lifting for you. So that you can focus on the important thing: your business.